A lot of people constantly ask me where they can buy a paras360.com racing singlet. I don't like making them as it's fairly time consuming and so forth. 

But in thinking about something fun I could do - I decided to make shirts. With me on them. 

I'll do a dollar for dollar net profit match on the shirts (which is somewhere around ~5 bucks a shirt) and pick a new charity every year to donate to. This year I've chosen ARCH which is where my great friend Michael and I volunteer on Wednesdays. 

So you should buy a shirt because you'll be supporting ARCH. But you should also buy a shirt because you can think about me every time you wear it. 

When you first wear it, please tag me on Facebook in it. I eventually want to see the shirt make it to the top of Mt. Everest and Outer Space. Seriously. But if you wear it to a wedding or the mall that's totally cool too.